10 Ways To Find Out If You’re A Good Fit For 50onRed

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You know you’re ready for a career change. You’re passionate, professional, and eager to join a team that has the same innovative spirit as you do. But where do you start? If you’re looking to advance your career (and have fun while doing so), we want you to join our team. Since we know change is never easy, here are some questions to ask yourself before you take the leap.

Are you curious?

At 50onRed, we never stop learning. That’s why you can never ask too many questions here. Those questions could turn into an awesome hackathon project or way to innovate our office.

“When I first came to 50 it was really great to be around a group of people who asked just as many questions as me and were passionate about what they were talking about,” says senior content writer Gillian Francella.

Are you innovative?

It’s not always about reinventing the wheel–sometimes it’s about making it better, faster, more efficient than before. That’s why we encourage all of our employees to share ideas they think will make our company stronger.

“To take an issue and be able to solve it with a creative idea is really rewarding,” says lead account manager Samantha Grillo.


Are you supportive?

Whether you’re stuck on a part of a project, a piece of code, a delicate word choice, or the coffee machine just ran out of beans, help is just a Slack message or step away! The 50 team loves a challenge, and getting un-stuck is our specialty.

“After resolving a series of compatibility issues, I was stuck on one that really had me stumped,” says senior associate technical content manager Ashley Feucht.

When teammates noticed her frustration they were the first to help her identify the problem and pinpoint who would be able to help her through.

“[They] helped me identify the problem, which ultimately lead to a resolution and restored my sanity!”

Are you passionate?

Being surrounded by people who are excited about what they do fuels our determined team. From programmers to writers, analysts to accountants, 50onRed is full of people who are passionate about what they do.

“We consistently bring out the best in each other regardless of circumstance,” says senior legal analyst Marybeth Heller. “Without passion, without that fighter, there is no #GSD.”


Are you agile?

We know you’re more than your job description. If you’re ready for a career that gives you the opportunity to jump headfirst into game-changing projects that will challenge you and help you grow professionally–this is the place for you.

When a simple task turned out to be more than he expected, CMS developer Bob D’Errico met it with an agile perspective.

“I had to change course several times as I discovered a better way to accomplish my goal,” he says. “Once I accomplished my goal, I felt satisfied in the knowledge I had gained in the process.”

Do you like to give back?

Our roots are in the community, which is why we like to make sure we support organizations in the area by donating to toy drives, sponsoring learning experiences, or supporting local charities.

Our #50gives campaign asks employees for suggestions of non-profits and causes that could use our help.

“The beauty of #50gives is how connected our employees are to the causes we support,” says executive assistant and office manager Kate Carpenter. “We are a diverse group in a diverse city and 50onRed gives to charities that are selected by our very own!”

Are you a fan of collaboration?

Collaboration is necessary for success, and we are always looking to expand our team with good team players who jump at the opportunity to work with someone new.

“We work with our engineers, business development, account managers, and stakeholders to build the best products we can in an efficient manner, and we want to make sure those teams have all the tools they need to get stuff done,” says senior designer Dave Ridilla.


Do you like people?

At 50onRed, we like to recognize one another for the hard work we do. When someone goes beyond their daily duties to help another team out we recognize them with a callout on our company Slack channel.

“A business has many moving parts; when you’re recognized for adding value to that larger process you gain a stronger sense of ownership of your successes,” says senior software engineer Bryan Wagner.

Do you like to take breaks?

We encourage team members to exercise their bodies and minds, which is why we keep our Fitness Lounge stocked with all the equipment you need to take a break and work out any kinks.

“I will get stuck trying to solve something and I just walk away, go to the gym, and then when I come back I see the solution within a few seconds,” says software engineer manager Marcus McCurdy. “Problems can be seductive and they draw you in too close and then you can’t find your way out until you separate yourself from it.”


Are you ready to have a good time at work?

Each day at 50 brings something new, but the one constant is the fun we get to have on a daily basis. Catered lunch on Mondays, a sweet view of the city from your office window, a playlist that won’t quit, products that are changing the industry–not to mention all the talented people you get to work with–if this sounds like your dream job, jump to our careers page and apply for one of our open positions today!