4 Ways to Stay Focused at Your Desk During Summer

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4ways-stay-focusedLet’s face it, it’s hard to focus during the summer months. The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and you’d much rather be dipping your toes in the sea than pounding away on a keyboard at your desk. Yet, your work isn’t going to do itself, so check out the tips below to stay motivated and productive during the summer!

Take a break and stretch. Get out of your chair, walk away from your desk, and get movin’! Do a quick stretch, pump out some push ups, hold a yoga pose, or take a short walk. Getting your blood circulating will help you re-focus your mind and be more productive. That’s why we launched 50onWellness, an open group of employees that gathers in spurts throughout the day to do quick exercises like stretches, pull ups, sit ups, burpees, or squats. Afterwards, we can go back to our desks feeling energized and ready to get stuff done.

Eat lunch outside. There are few things better than fresh air in the middle of your workday, so why not grab your Kale salad and enjoy lunch in the sunshine? Not only will the Vitamin D do you some good, but taking your mind off work to catch some rays and feel the breeze will help clear your head, sending you back focused and productive. Lucky for us, our office is right next to The Porch at 30th Street Station, which has a great outside dining area and food trucks all summer long!

Take a real break. Don’t be afraid to use your time off to plan a vacation. After all, you earned it! Sometimes the best way to be productive is to take an extended break, relax, and come back ready to dive back into doing what you love. At 50onRed, we have 25 PTO days we can use however we want. That means plenty of time for a beach day, pool party, or vacation somewhere far away.

Don’t just wait until the weekend for fun. Plan a happy hour or ice cream date after work. Having something fun to look forward to on a weeknight keeps you excited and on your toes throughout the workday. The more productive you are at work, the sooner you’ll be kickin’ back with a margarita, right?! Come 5 o’clock in the summer, our fully stocked beer fridge and pool table are calling our names. Plus, the free Cira Shuttle goes directly to Center City, so we never have to miss Center City Sips happy hours on Wednesdays.

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