5 Traffic Platform Tools for Killer Campaigns

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The 50onRed Traffic Platform is a powerful and user-friendly solution for creating and optimizing a variety of digital advertising campaigns, but even some of our most savvy advertisers sometimes overlook the most valuable tools included with their account. Whether you’re a current Traffic Platform advertiser or just looking to weigh your options before registering, you’ll want the heads up when it comes to Traffic Platform’s top-of-the-line functionality.

Keep reading to learn about our top 5 tools for optimization, insights, and campaign management.

1. Recommended Keywords

Our Product Team analyzed thousands of high volume keywords, cherry picked the best of the bunch, and filtered the winners into the Recommended Keywords tool. These top volume keywords are available for all Traffic Platform solutions, broken into categories that correspond with popular niches like dating, education, housing, and more. If you’re starting a brand new campaign or want to mix in a few fresh keywords to your current campaign, Recommended Keywords is your go-to resource.

2. SmartBids

Being the highest bidder on a keyword isn’t always the most cost effective strategy. That’s where the idea for SmartBids came from. Your SmartBid looks at previous competitions for a keyword, then generates a recommended bid for optimal volume without overpaying. You can increase bids to the SmartBid individually or in bulk.

3. Bid Graphs

Bid Graphs go a level deeper than SmartBids to provide recommended bids for the amount of volume you want a keyword to receive. If you want more specific data to optimize your bids on a more granular level, dig into your Bid Graphs.

4. Dashboard Filters

Not every insight has value, especially when you want to optimize strategically or measure success for your campaign’s unique goals and KPIs. With dashboard filters, you can overlay metrics and filter results to see the data that matters to you. With metrics like impressions, CPM, CTR, and more, there are tons of filter combinations you can create and save to use over and over.

5. Overview Pages

Your Overview Pages seem like obvious places to find surface level stats and campaign alerts, but you’d be surprised how often advertisers overlook these pages and dive straight into their granular data.

One of the most common questions we get from advertisers is “Why did my traffic stop?” In most cases, there’s an alert and explanation right on their Overview Page, with a button to fix the issue in a few quick clicks. You’ll also see top performing campaigns, creatives, and keywords on your Overview Pages across a range of default and customizable timespans.

If you aren’t checking your Overview Pages every time you log in, you could be missing out on important, top-level information.

Send us your feedback!

We’re constantly adding new features and functionality (like the ones above) to improve Traffic Platform, and input from advertisers and prospective clients is a crucial factor when planning and prioritizing these updates. If you’d like to see a specific tool on Traffic Platform, drop us a line and let us know! Your idea could become the next big thing.