6 Core Values That Shape Our Culture

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We have a multifaceted business, but our recipe for success is simple. There are six core values that inform and inspire what we do as a company, and when you blend equal parts of each of these values together you’re left with the unique flavor of 50onRed culture.

Here at 50onRed, we understand that what we put into our company will ultimately determine what comes out of it, and that’s why we only work with high-quality people, perspectives and values.

Be Passionate

If teamwork makes the dream work, then passion (and coffee) is the fuel and our team has plenty of it. Our team thrives off of the energy that comes from going beyond the expected— it’s when we are bold, honest and inspiring one another as individuals that our company as a whole is at its best.


Be Curious

We think outside of the box. In other words, we haven’t settled for what we already know. Instead, we never stop learning, because we know that exploring new ideas and considering fresh perspectives is how businesses thrive. Our innate sense of curiosity might also explain why we’re always trying new restaurants for our catered lunches on Monday.

curiousity blurred edit

Be Agile

Some people are afraid of change. We are not those people. We embrace change if it means streamlining a process, modifying a product or adjusting a timeline that will improve our customers’ experience as a whole. It’s this agility that allows our different departments to adapt quickly and work effectively amongst themselves and with each other. And, it is this core value that comes in especially handy when our interns’ going away party is at a rock-climbing gym.


Be Innovative

“Impossible” is not a word you’ll find in our vocabulary. We are a super-squad of problem solvers that work to make the best products and user-experiences available for our advertisers and publishers. We take smart risks, think ahead and love the satisfaction that comes with making the “impossible,” possible. And when it comes to our employees’ innovation outside of the office, we’re all about it, which is why we have a company-wide Show and Tell on the second Friday of every month.


Be Supportive

Not only are we a team of thinkers, doers and makers, we are also a team of cheerleaders. We support each other’s projects and we support each other as individuals, both professionally and personally. Our office is a place where people feel comfortable, because we believe in open communication and mutual respect (and because there are couches everywhere).

red lab interns correction

Get Sh*t Done

This ensures that our work is done thoughtfully, efficiently and with an attention to detail. Whether we’re finishing a product feature or working out the logistics of a new business strategy, we don’t shy away from challenges or stare blankly in the face of a problem; we get sh*t done.

Product and Traffic Platform Engineering Team collaborating during a retrospective.

Our core values are not just a collection of zesty adjectives; they are what define our company. Our decisions are inspired by them. Our projects are built upon them. Our employees embody them. It is with these six values in mind that we have found and continue to seek, excellence.