Another Company Perk: Coffee Club

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It all started after a few 50onRed employees ordered Death Wish.

Not a literal death wish, of course (Mondays are hard, but they’re not that hard). Rather, one 50onRed employee, Software Engineer Jeff Segall, finally decided to order the ultra-caffeinated coffee that had been on his mind; he wanted see if the flavor was as intense as its name.

And thus, Coffee Club was born.

The morning Death Wish arrived, Jeff welcomed the whole 50onRed team to try the new brew. Slowly but surely, curious coffee-lovers left their seats and moseyed over to the kitchen. With cups of coffee in hand, employees stood around socializing and sampling, ushering in the morning with a warm, happy buzz.

Since then, Coffee Club has become a central and organic part of most mornings (and some afternoons) here at 50onRed. Demonstrating the magic of French presses and aero presses, Jeff has become the impromptu office barista, sharing his wisdom with those who want to know more about coffee.

Recently, Coffee Club decided to explore Vietnamese-style coffee, which is exceptionally sweet and uses condensed milk. According to all, it’s delicious. 


In the future, Coffee Club plans to try a variety of coffees differing in strength, flavor and origin. 50onRed employees are invited to request specific brands that they like, and all are encouraged to poke around to find some new and exciting flavors.

“It’s always nice to give people another reason to want to be here, especially right when they get into the office in the morning,” Jeff explained. And for that reason, Coffee Club hits the spot.

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