Our building broke a world record!

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Using technology to do cool, groundbreaking stuff is what we’re all about here at 50onRed, so you can imagine our excitement when we recently found out that our office building made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Largest Architectural Videogame Display” ever.

You’re probably wondering how an office building can serve as a video game display, and we were equally curious when we caught wind of the project.

Here’s the story: 50onRed is headquartered at Philadelphia’s Cira Centre, a funky looking, geometric, glass building dotted with a grid of LED lights that can be manipulated into just about any design in a range of colors. A few forward-thinking folks in the area came up with an idea for Philly Tech Week last April: Turn the Cira Centre into a display for a huge game of Pong, and invite people to play from the Art Museum steps (Out-of-towners would recognize those steps from the first Rocky movie).

Although Pong typically isn’t as cutthroat a competition as most games in this city, players and passersby were awestruck as they looked up at the giant game illuminated on the building.

Rumors floated for a while that Pong on the Cira Centre was a record-breaking event, but it wasn’t until recently that the Guinness Book of World Records made it official.

Now we’re all left wondering, how is Philly going to top that this year during Tech Week? According to Technically Philly, we can expect to see more “skyscraper gaming” this coming April.