Celebrate World Statistics Day With 12 Fun 50onRed Figures

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Happy World Statistics Day! Observed annually on October 20th, World Statistics Day was created by The United Nations Statistical Commission to celebrate the vital role that statistics play in our modern society, informing important policy decisions and helping us to better understand the world around us.

Much like our company’s name, we love to start with the numbers, as they often reveal valuable insights about our business and the future of advertising technology. Whether we’re creating a predictive model based on market trend research, or turning our raw data into useful analytics, 50onRed, specifically our Business Intelligence team, never underestimates the power of numbers.

In the spirit of World Statistics Day, we did some data-mining of our own to uncover statistics related to working at 50onRed.

  • As of today, we have sent 1.98 million messages on Slack, the messaging platform our company uses.
  • There are currently 1,840 saved tracks in our MusicBot library.
  • There have been 456 MusicBot song requests made in the past 30 days.
  • We are currently using 26 Slack integrations including but not limited to Giphy, ITTT and BitBucket.
  • Throughout our open office space, we have 10 standing desks.
  • 25 new employees joined our company in 2015. (And we’re looking to add more!)
  • We consume 25 cases of Honest Tea in an average month.
  • We devour about 30 lbs. of coffee in an average month.
  • Recently, we added Reese’s Puffs to our impressive cereal spread. Within the first month, we crunched through 9 boxes.
  • We have 139 custom emojis in our company Slack account.
  • As of today, we have conducted 26 Meet the Team interviews.
  • We have 6 core values that fuel our company.

Are you a statistician who wants to make advertising better? Look no further. We’re currently looking to hire a Data Scientist. We need someone smart and passionate that has the ability to thrive on the challenges of building scalable software in a high-volume, big data world.  Our core platform handles billions of transactions per day. As part of our team, you will be surrounded by a talented software engineering team who are well versed in not only Python, but also with Java, PHP, AWS, and NoSQL. We work hard on tackling the challenges of big data and we have fun doing it.

MaryKate is part of the 50onRed Product Team, working as a Content and Social Media Associate. From conducting Meet the Team interviews to keeping our Instagame on point, MK makes sure that 50onRed's internet presence stays current, informative and fun. Her life philosophy, which particularly applies to food and music, is “Don’t bash it until you try it.”