Why the Digital Advertising Industry is Thriving

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Comcast-owned Strata Marketing recently conducted a survey that sheds some insight into ad agencies’ projected growth in 2015.

Their findings show, when it comes to marketing and advertising, traditional companies are becoming more inclined to open their arms (and wallets) to digital. According to the survey, “81% of agencies are more interested in digital advertising than a year ago.” Not only are companies garnering interest in digital ads, but 66% of them say they’re less interested in print advertising than they were last year.

This isn’t exactly a shock. Digital advertising has been on the rise and is expected to account for 30% of total ad spend this year, yet many traditional companies are just starting to recognize that investing in digital advertising is crucial to their future success.

With the digital advertising industry booming, ad agencies have an optimistic outlook for 2015. 53% report that their businesses are growing, and 45% plan to hire more employees.

“Ad agencies are expecting to see larger budgets from their clients along with increased demand for digital.” says Strata President, Joy Baer. The numbers back up her statement: 35% of the polled agencies report increased client budgets compared to last year–a 50% lift from two years ago.


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