Encouraging Innovation with Show & Tell

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Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s why 50onRed is known for initiatives like quarterly hackathons and Philly Crafted: Tech Showcases that bring together creative thinkers who are breaking new ground with technology.

Because our team is always doing something impressive, we host monthly Show & Tells to show off what we’re working on, both inside and outside the office. The range of projects include full-blown finished mobile apps, UI redesigns, and even ideas for improving our favorite apps.

Not only are Show & Tells a great excuse to teach ourselves new skills, but they also provide a glimpse into our hobbies and interests. One of our Lead Software Engineers, Steve Dorazio, created an app to manage Fantasy Football leagues because he’s a big sports buff, and Business Analyst, Dave Leek, gave us a live demo of his latest music mashup, which he creates on the side.

Since all employees are encouraged to present their ideas and projects, our Show & Tell topics are as varied as our colleagues’ backgrounds. Whether we’re showcasing a new Chrome extension with heavy backend code or introducing ideas and mockups for improved user experiences, each presentation is uniquely interesting.

Show & Tells also provide a valuable space where people can collaborate on an idea. Sometimes an app needs a designer, and sometimes an idea needs a developer. With an open platform to present and discuss ideas, partnerships and support come from all corners of the office.

At the heart of our Show & Tells is a genuine passion for what we do. And when you’re passionate about something, why wouldn’t you want to share it with others?