Enjoying A Great View of Q2

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Work hard, play hard: It’s a mentality that 50onRed believes in and puts to action. That’s why, to celebrate the company’s second quarter, we worked (by organizing and attending a company-wide Q2 overview presentation), and then played (by going directly to Morgan’s Pier waterfront bar to eat, drink and be merry).

During the quarterly presentation, which was hosted by leaders from each of our company’s different departments, new hires were welcomed, public praise was given, and updates were delivered about our products, teams, and core values.

From there, we headed over to Morgan’s Pier, which is a popular outdoor deck bar in Philly that is just as lively as it is scenic. Overlooking the Delaware River, employees bonded over beverages (compliments of the open bar) and tasty hors-d’oeuvres, taking in the relaxing summer night vibes. Collectively, 50onRed’s Insta-game was pretty tight, as many employees seized the opportunity to snap a scenic picture of the outing.


But our happy hour at Morgan’s Pier hasn’t been the only summer fun our employees have experienced. During Q2, many members of our 50onRed crew took advantage of their 25 days PTO to do the things that bring them bliss.

For example, our Senior Account Executive, Sam, took a trip to Hershey Park where she enjoyed time with friends (and copious amounts of chocolate), while our Community Manager, Ashley, got to watch some of her favorite musicians, like Paul McCartney and Foster the People, perform at the Firefly music festival. Not to mention those employees who did some traveling, such as Ajmail, who took a trip to Miami, Kate, who enjoyed a few days in D.C., and Linda, who explored Iceland.


All in all, Q2 was good to 50onRed, and we celebrated accordingly, getting everyone amped and inspired for an awesome Q3.