How Employees Took Advantage of our New PTO Policy

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A while back, we posted a list of reasons to love working at 50onRed. Since then, there have been even more exciting additions. For example, this year we modified our paid time off (PTO) policy to let employees enjoy up to 25 PTO days a year (That’s five work weeks!). Not only does this perk give our team the flexibility to coordinate life outside of the office, but it also provides ample time for vacations and traveling. And, if this summer is any indication, our employees have a strong sense of wanderlust.


“My wife and I went to Maui for a friend’s wedding this summer and decided to island-hop over to Kauai to catch as much as possible. I highly recommend taking a doorless helicopter tour if you ever get there to see some truly unforgettable sites.”

-Dave Ridilla, Senior Designer


“Iceland has the most surreal landscape I’ve ever seen.  Frozen waterfalls and never-ending fields of snow. Where else can you swim and luxuriate in a hot mineral spring while a snowstorm is raging? Iceland!”

-Linda Shi, General Counsel


“Hit up Bangkok and Bali. Tried out way too many delicious foods. That was pretty much all we did—eat and relax. Mainly because I broke my foot in a motorbike accident. Ask me about it sometime.”

-Jack Li, Product Manager


“I had some awesome vacations this summer, but one that stuck out was going to Vegas for my sister’s bachelorette party. We did so many fun things and ate/drank way too much! We saw the David Copperfield show at the MGM hotel, and my sister and I were invited up on stage to help perform a trick! Of course, we had to do the spa and hang at the pool to relax after going to Wet Republic and seeing 50 Cent perform at Drai’s nightclub.” 

-Samantha Grillo, Senior Account Manager


“Sometimes, you find a cheap flight to Chicago online and end up going to Lollapalooza last minute.”

-Ajmail Matin, Account Manager


“I spent a week in rainy Ireland, tasting local beers and whiskeys and enjoying beautiful nature.”

-Artem Kyrlysov, Software Engineer

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