Improving our (Work)out: Introducing 50onWellness

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blog-fitness-slackquote 2

This was the message that 50onRed Business Analyst David Leek wrote the day he inadvertently founded the 50onWellness club.

This announcement came as the result of an epiphany that David had experienced a few days prior: “I realized it didn’t matter how much I did outside of work. Something needed to change about how I spent my time at work.”

50onwellness 1

By the end of the first week (and after some warily-observed rounds of push-ups), David was joined by seven other coworkers who also wanted to add brief workout breaks to their daily routines. And just a week after that, 27 people had joined the “50onWellness” channel on Slack, which serves as a place for employees to share health and wellness articles, discuss workout routines, and receive daily automated reminders to visit the Wellness Corner.

The Wellness Corner is a spot we’ve dedicated to office workouts. Here, you’ll find a variety of fitness gear, most notably the tall metal machine called “The Power Tower”.

While 50onWellness was created to help employees improve their personal health, there are also many studies that show exercising at work can increase productivity. So in addition to helping us combat the “Tech 15”, 50onWelness also keeps our work on point.

50onwellness 2

What started as one employee’s simple desire to make a healthy lifestyle change has now evolved into a permanent fixture of 50’s office culture. It’s one of many examples of how culture at 50onRed is continuously improving, just like the employees who take advantage of it.

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