Meet the 50 Team: Keeping the place running with Stephanie Musal’s help.

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Welcome to our Meet the 50 Team feature. This is where we get the lowdown on how the people at 50onRed get stuff done. This time we’re sitting down with Administrative Intern, Stephanie Musal.

You joined 50onRed for your co-op program through Drexel University. How did you make that decision?

From the first day I came in to interview with 50onRed, it was very apparent that the environment was unique from other offices I had previously worked in. The vibe here feels much more comfortable than “corporate”. I was eager to join the 50 team because it sounded like there would be a lot of flexibility in my job outside of my regular responsibilities. I felt like I had an opportunity to shape this co-op into what I wanted it to be, and as a self-starter, that’s exactly what I need.

We’re glad to have you here! What are your day-to-day responsibilities as a member of the Admin team?

As a member of the Admin team, I’m responsible for keeping the office culture happy and desirable. Part of the reason I really appreciate my job at 50 is because there’s never a dull moment. From day one, I was given a list of things to complete regularly, but not exclusively. Essentially, I’m here to offer support wherever it’s needed.

You’ve been the orchestrator of many a company event during your time here. Which was your favorite?

Definitely our Philabundance Can Drive, which kicked off Philly Philanthropic Phridays. Through a little (mostly) friendly competition, we were able to raise 147 cans and $1,076 that will be graciously matched by the company. That’s more than $2,000 and 300 cans to help combat hunger in our area!

That’s awesome! Can you tell us a bit about why you started Philly Philanthropic Phridays and what else is in the pipeline for it?

While helping coordinate various events for 50, my favorites were definitely the ones where we were able to reach out and make a difference to others. My heart is really set on helping people and I love the fact I have been able to incorporate it into my daily operations here.

I’ve been working on an outline for future philanthropic initiatives, so keep an eye out!


Did you have any goals coming into this co-op that you can check off your list?

When I came in, I wanted to make sure that people were being heard, desires were being met, and that my co-workers wouldn’t feel disenchanted with the incredible environment that has been built here. My goal was to keep things consistently different.

While working here, much of my time has been spent thinking about food. I introduced a weekly salad board, tried to expand outside of the regular lunch rotation, and continually introduced new snacks to the kitchen. Many of my ideas stemmed from just listening to what people here wanted.

We’re really going to miss having you around. We hope you feel the same! Do you have any mentors you’re planning to stay in touch with from 50?

Aside from the professional network I’ve become a part of since I started here, I’ve met a lot of remarkable people. Many of them have turned into friends that I plan to keep in touch with after my internship is over.

If there’s a mentor who deserves my recognition since starting here, it’s (Executive Assistant) Susan. She’s a positive force and a great listener, advice giver, role model, and friend. She turned my bad days into good lessons, made my good days even better, and generated a ludicrous amount of laughter in the admin office. With all the demands that are put on her regularly, she has never ever been too busy to help me or hear me out. I cannot be appreciative enough for all she does!

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