There’s Something About Philadelphia

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Call us biased, but we think Philly is a pretty amazing place. Other big cities are cool and all, but Philly has that special something that can only be described as character.

Who knows? Maybe it’s the blend of historic influence and modern innovation that gives Philly its electricity. After all, it’s the place where electricity was first discovered, so it’s no surprise the city has that certain spark.

What, specifically, do we love about Philadelphia? We’d answer “all the things!” but that wouldn’t be very specific. So let’s break it down:

Community Culture

rittenhouse-squarePhiladelphia is home to an eclectic mix of people. You’ll find business execs, creative types, and sports buffs alike, all bumping elbows on the same subways. But despite our differences, we’re tied together by a collective passion for our city (and an unmistakable Philly accent). Sure, we sometimes express that passion in unconventional ways (our booing sports fans and rebellious street artists are prime examples), but that’s just a result of our gritty, Philly attitude. Once you get used to us, you’ll find most Philadelphians are surprisingly friendly.

Exciting Events

beerweekThere’s always a fun time happening somewhere in Philly. Even on the dullest Monday of your life, you’re bound to find something in this city that sparks your interest, whether you’re playing dead at the Zombie Crawl, participating in a live rendition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at one of the TLA’s weekly midnight showings, or cheering on rickety homemade floats at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.

In the summertime, Center City bars have unbeatable Wednesday happy hour specials, thanks to Center City Sips. First Fridays are always abuzz with art exhibits, workshops, and all kinds of live performances. Philadelphia also hosts week-long, themed events like Beer Week, Restaurant Week, Fashion Week, and–our favorite–Tech Week.

With so much going on in one place, there’s no excuse to be bored when you’re in Philadelphia.

World-Famous Food

cheesesteakPhilly is the ultimate destination for guilty-pleasure food. We’ve got cheesesteaks down to a science, including how to properly place an order. The city is scattered with food trucks where, for a couple of dollars, you can score goodies like warm soft pretzels, loaded hoagies (Don’t call them subs!), and breakfast sandwiches all day long (Try one with pork roll!). And you’re pretty much always walking distance from a Wawa, the local convenience store that makes 7-11 look like a sub-par Quickie Mart.

But contrary to our reputation for producing the most delicious junk food on the planet, there are plenty of healthy alternatives in the city. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are a dime a dozen, and many restaurants even include calorie counts on their menus. If you’re big on ambience, check out one of our famous Stephen Starr restaurants. Each of his establishments has a uniquely cool vibe.

Local Hotspots

Stopping by Philly’s tourist attractions is a great way for newcomers to get acquainted with the city. Many of our most famous places have historical significance, like the Liberty Bell, National Constitution Center, and Betsey Ross House.

rocky-stepsThe Philadelphia Museum of Art is kind of a big deal, too. You’ll find works by Monet, Van Gogh, and Dali any day of the week—although, you’ll probably want to go either the first Sunday of the month or any Wednesday after 5:00, when admission is whatever you feel like paying. Even if art isn’t really your thing, you might enjoy running up the same Art Museum steps as Rocky Balboa or posing for a picture with his statue.

Itching to get outside? Philly has some pretty sweet parks. You’ll have no trouble claiming a patch of sunlight all for yourself at Fairmount Park, the largest city park in the nation. Feeling swanky? Saunter your classy ass over to Rittenhouse Park, nestled in heart of the city’s ritziest borough. Or, go on a romantic outing to Love Park, either with a date or your awesome self.

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with Philadelphia, and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Stop by for a visit to see what else we have to offer. Just don’t blame us if you never want to leave.