12 Undisputedly Awesome Facts About Our General Counsel, Linda Shi

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Inside of our Cira Center offices, the 50onRed team works around the clock to maximize revenue for our advertisers and publishers. Our customers love working with us because we have a supportive team that seamlessly guides them through the fine print to #GSD. That’s where Linda Shi comes in.

Linda is 50onRed’s General Counsel and Head of Compliance, our legal beacon for navigating the industry—drafting contracts and managing litigation, licensing and regulatory compliance.

She’s a stellar teammate who always seems to go above and beyond, which is why her Rising Star Award from Penn Law Women’s Summit only makes sense. And when The Philadelphia Business Journal recognized her as one of the best corporate attorneys in the region, we couldn’t say we were surprised. Linda’s innovative spirit, passion for her profession, and commitment to our company are what make her an amazing team leader. What we came to find though, is that there are dozens of reasons Linda rocks. To celebrate her big win, we decided to share a few of our favorites things about Linda:

linda shi 2 web

She stays curious.

Curiosity is always encouraged at 50onRed, and Linda definitely takes the word to new levels. She has a dual degree in English and Engineering, in addition to her law degree!

She worships doge.

Besides being well versed in legal jargon, and fluent in Chinese, Linda also speaks the language (and masters the jokes of) doge, the Internet meme we can’t live without. “Much amaze.”

Her handwriting is a masterpiece at Penn.

Most of us rely on Word to make our handwriting legible, but not Linda. The legal pad is her canvas. Her handwriting is so impeccable that one of her fellow editors at the Penn Law Review even framed a page from her writing competition submission.

Her poker face is unbeatable.

Linda might not be very tall, but when she cues her poker face for a legal negotiation she can strike fear into even the heaviest heavyweights of the legal world. Her fearless ability to speak up for what she knows is right embodies the meaning of “passionate”.

She’s clutch under pressure.

Working in a fast-paced, ever-changing, tech environment can throw legal teams more than a few curveballs throughout the day. Linda knows how to handle the speed–she thinks fast on her feet to solve problems quickly, and makes key decisions that keep 50 ahead of the curve long-term.

She’s an amazing chef.

Every year Linda tackles Thanksgiving dinner for her extended family. And she can make sushi, one of the 50 team’s favorite lunches.

She has telepathic abilities.

Having trouble describing that one thing you saw on some show that one night maybe last week? Linda knows exactly what you’re talking about, and can even provide the fine details as to who/what/where/when and why it was hilarious.

Her sixth sense also comes in handy when sorting out the fine details of complex business issues. Linda fills our executive team in on the best ways to execute projects and analyzes outcomes in a way that helps us work smarter, not harder.

She can scale walls.

When Linda isn’t lawyering, she splits her time climbing the walls at Go Vertical! in Northern Liberties, and helping her fellow female lawyers scale more figurative walls by mentoring at Penn Law’s Kilgore Society. She has also spoken on “Diversity and the Law” for the Asian Pacific American Bar Association, and lent a helping hand at the polls for the Asian American Legal Defense Fund.

She masters the art of making vests look cool.

When Linda walks into the office she arrives with a positive, can-do attitude that inspires all of us to do a double take. It could also be her compelling sense of style–maybe it’s because the word “esquire” is in her title, but we’re totally convinced she’s the only one stylish enough to pull off vests year-round.

… And can wear a variety of hats.

Linda is that rare kind of person that can easily switch hats between engineer, businesswoman, lawyer and communicator. She’s agile in all areas, listens to all concerns, offers great advice, and knows how to speak in terms that all of our teams can understand. She just “gets” us.

She could moonlight as an actress.

Linda has a knack for innovative thinking. She is a co-founder of Likuma Labs, the engineering company that created these super-cool (pun intended) air conditioning units. She even recently appeared in an ad for the units.

Even her guilty pleasures deserve a cheer!

As in “Rue La La!” Linda’s only vice is online shopping, but we think it’s safe to say she knows a good deal when she sees one.

Congratulations to our Top Corporate Counsel, Linda Shi! We could not be more proud!