15 reasons why you should Date an Engineer

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Considering online dating an engineer? Listed here are 15 main reasons why you need to:

1. Your parents will approve.

2. You will usually have a pencil when you need it. Just hunt behind their ear.

3. Can’t perform the math? Your go out would like to solve those issues for you.

4. If you buy a house with each other, it would be structurally seem.

5. Conflict quality might be reached in a calm, sensible way.

6. No pretentious food possibilities. Merely keep consitently the refrigerator stocked with alcohol.

7. The clocks on the stove and DVD user are going to be set and synched.

8. Designers will always right up for challenging.

9. Anxiety and stress in a relationship is manageable. Designers never hightail it from an issue.

10. No lazy solutions to dating right here. Engineers are able to “do it correct the very first time.”

11. You are able to joke about rubbing and gravitational destination.

12. Have actually pc issues? Your go out can destroy “bugs” for you personally.

13. All those damaged gizmos in your house will get fixed — and perchance enhanced.

14. Need to talk late at night? Engineers are designed for all-nighters.

15. Designers are accustomed to putting on bands. Simply sayin’.