50 Reasons We Love 50onRed

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1. On Mondays, they feed us. Not just any ordinary pizza-pie, but fine and fancy catered lunches–everything from local restaurants to Chipotle!

2. We love beer. And luckily, our fridge is never out of stock with a variety of tasty and unique IPAs, stouts, and lagers.

3. Sometimes we wear tutus. Okay, technically, that only happened once, and it was Halloween. But our dress code is pretty laid back. You’ll usually find the majority of us in jeans.

4. A seemingly unending supply of coffee, espresso, and tea keeps that pep in our step and that hype in our typing throughout the workday.

5. Our building is really, really, really cool. With a convenient location right next to Amtrak’s 30th Street Station, a sleek interior to match its beautiful outside (which actually has a bunch of LED lights that create all kinds of cool designs at night), not to mention a skyline view of Center City, what’s not to love?

A photo posted by 50onRed (@fiftyonred) on


A photo posted by 50onRed (@fiftyonred) on

6. We’re spoiled. Chinese, pizza, salad, sushi, hoagies, Indian, burgers, ribs, pasta, cheesesteaks, breakfast… Whatever tickles our fancy, we can get delivered for free every Thursday.

7. We get to be sponsors! From events like Philly Tech Week to UPenn’s PennApps, we love lending a helping hand (or many!).

8. Speaking of Philly Tech Week… We’re not just saying this because we’re a sponsor, but Philly Tech Week is a great indicator of this city as a growing and thriving hub for innovation, technology, and startups, and we enjoy being a part of it!

9. We can stay active. With fitness perks, we can exercise our minds in the office and our bodies at the gym.

10. We’re all really, really ridiculously good looking. Especially when props and photo booths are involved:

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11. We’ve got everything but the kitchen sink. Actually, we have a kitchen sink, too. Plus an entire kitchen, a bar, couches, a pool table, ping pong table, and projector.  

12. Hanging out at the office after hours happens all the time. When your office is more hooked up than your home, it’s hard to leave at the end of the day.  

13. We believe in celebrating. When our company’s birthday rolls around, we treat our office with goodies and gifts.  

14. We’re able to watch our figure. Our kitchen has a plethora of organic, nutritious snacks to keep us energized and healthy, from fruits to granola bars to hummus and carrots.  

15. Sometimes we just want a cookie, though. And when we do, there’s an entire cabinet filled with sweets and treats.  

16. We love being social. Whether we’re interacting with other tech enthusiasts, job seekers, or interesting locals, we’re always active on Twitter.  

17. One-upping each other is all in good fun. We never turn down a good ol’ employee rivalry, like our Instagram-voted costume contests or cupcake decorating contest. One of our developers even (willingly enough) shaved his beard into a fu manchu after losing a round of pool in our office.

A photo posted by 50onRed (@fiftyonred) on

A photo posted by 50onRed (@fiftyonred) on

18. First Fridays of the month. Sure, everyone loves Fridays. That’s a given. But we especially love first Fridays because we celebrate employees’ upcoming birthdays and anniversaries with delicious desserts, like spiked hot chocolate and classic Philly treats.

19. Second Fridays of the month.  Okay, so we really like Fridays. You get it. The second Friday of each month is always exciting because that’s when we host Show & Tell, where we get to hear about the cool projects our peers have been working on.

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20. We know how to party. Each December we celebrate our year’s successes and accomplishments with a company-wide holiday party at various swanky Philadelphia restaurants.

21. And we do it often. Having one annual party just isn’t enough, and it’s important to reward ourselves for our successes throughout the year. That’s why we have outings each quarter at local hot spots to kick back, pop open a brew, and mingle with each other.

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22. Technology never holds us back. To make sure we are always running in tip-top shape, we have the latest and greatest tools and technologies available to us.

23. Gag gifts, whiskey, and wine: Our company-wide Secret Santas are always stealthy, never a bore, and usually filled with alcohol.

24. We’re pseudo photographers. I mean, have you seen our Instagram? Move over, Ansel Adams.

25. We like to show off (and we have good reason to!) We know our employees rock, so we started featuring them in a Meet the Team blog series to introduce their work to anyone looking to break into the industry.

A photo posted by 50onRed (@fiftyonred) on

A photo posted by 50onRed (@fiftyonred) on

26. Everyone sings so beautifully. Well, maybe not. But luckily, we get great music perks, like a free Spotify or Rdio subscription, or iTunes credit to fill our ears with the tunes we love.

27. The City of Brotherly Love. With a city rich in history, food, art, and culture, it’s no wonder we’re in love with Philadelphia!

28. Wine and cheese club. Enough said.

29. We have a resident chef in the building! Okay, he’s actually our Network Analyst Kyle, but on Meat Wednesdays he cooks up some juicy lunches for our office carnivores to enjoy.

30. Our swag. Face it, red looks good on everybody. Fortunately we have the t-shirts, sunglasses, lanyards, koozies, and more to strut our stuff in.

31. The gong. Yes, we have a gong. Yes, we use it.

32. Philly Crafted. We love hosting events, like our quarterly Philly Crafted: Tech Showcase, to provide a space for like minded community innovators to present and gain valuable feedback on their awesome projects.

33. We get to brag. We’ve been consistently ranked as one of the Top Places to Work in Philly, according to Philly.com (In 2014 we were #8!)

34. We inspire creativity and collaboration with our open office space.Rather than hide behind cubicles, we’re free to take our laptop around the office and work wherever we’re comfortable.

35. We never miss the big games. From the World Cup to the Phillies, we keep up with the score by watching on the big screen in the office.

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36. Watch out, Forrest Gump. We have some mean ping pong players. When we’re not playing, our ping pong table often doubles as a buffet.

37. We believe in giving back. From holiday gift donations, to collecting money for different charities, we know the importance of supporting our community.

38. We got to play video games…on our building! Two years ago, it was Pong. Last year, Tetris. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re excited to find out (and play!?)

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39. Our benefits package is the best. With premium, affordable health care, our well-being is always taken care of.

40. With a matched 401K, saving for the future has never been easier.

41. Bookworms rejoice! We have our own little in-office library filled with informative resources and fun titles, like Frank Warren’s Post Secret. You can even read 50 Cent’s success story (Because, you know, we like the number 50, and we like success.).

42. Board games mean we’re never bored. Cranium, Pictionary, and (everyone’s favorite) Cards Against Humanity each have a spot on our shelves.

43. Bring an umbrella for your anniversary, because we make it rain. Employees are given an allowance to throw themselves a yearly party to commemorate their work-versary at the location of their choice.

44. Free flu shots keep that nasty virus at bay, so we can always be on our A game.

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45. On occasion, we’re involved in Whiskey business. That’s our after-hours Whiskey Club.

46. We see potential in budding innovators, which is why we offer internships for high school and college kids looking to break into the tech scene.

47. We have an office pet fish, Gill, aptly named after our CEO, Steve Gill.

48. Our employees can completely customize their working space: Chair, standing desk, or exercise ball seat? PC or Mac? Have it your way.

49. Discounts on Ray Bans, movie tickets, Movado watches, vacation deals, home services, and more through our AnyPerk membership allow us to live large without spending a fortune.

50. We recruit the best of the best. If you think you have what it takes to join our fun, dynamic culture, apply here.