Building Exceptional Culture: Our Takeaways From Netflix

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As 50onRed has grown, we’ve learned that prioritizing culture is the key to building a great company. That’s why we’re constantly finding inspiration from other companies that get it right and never stop evolving.

Last month, we headed over to Pioneers of Company Culture, SEER’s final event at their Search Church, to learn how Netflix, Moz, and SEER have refined their own cultures.


Netflix Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord, one of three panelists at the event, discussed how qualities and behaviors of each team member shapes a company’s culture. The people you hire, promote, and let go should be strategically chosen to align with the company’s values. “I’d rather hire someone with half the skills and twice as much passion.” she said.

Patty’s insights struck a chord with us, and for good reason: Netflix’s culture is one of the best around. In fact, the culture deck she helped create, which has more than five million views, has been called one of the most important documents to come out of Silicon Valley.

Photo Credit: SEER Facebook page

Reading through the deck, it’s clear that culture is about more than ping pong tables and free beer. As Netflix puts it, “Actual company values are the behaviors and skills that are valued in fellow employees.”

At 50onRed, we couldn’t agree more. Our core values were actually derived from an experiment that required us to identify the qualities we consider most important in members of our current team.

When you’ve built a team of passionate, talented, people who support each other, have the company’s best interest at heart, and think outside the box, success comes naturally for everyone involved. And, at the end of the day, that’s what culture is all about.