Chess, Success, and Pure Panda-monium: 50 Celebrates Q1

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Here at 50onRed, we love celebrating our hard work and successes. That’s why, at the end of each quarter, we host a big get-together at a local Philly hotspot to both acknowledge the wins we scored over the past few months, as well as reign in the next quarter with the right motivation, goals, and values.

With warmer weather comes the excitement for one of the many beer gardens throughout Philadelphia. So, naturally, when the clock ticked “spring”, we knew we had to celebrate the end of our cold winter quarter at Frankford Hall.

But before heading over to Fishtown for some good ol’ German spaß (That’s German for “fun”), our resident chess champ, Delen, challenged the entire office to a friendly competition.

The stakes were high: If Delen lost the game against all of us–and he never loses–he’d have to wear a giant panda head to our Frankford Hall outing (Yes, we have a giant panda head).

Eager chess players gathered around the projector in our office Living Room to try their hand against the Master of Chess, Delen, who was quietly tucked away in a conference room, strategizing our demise. Together, we decided which moves would take him down, but in the end, Delen’s challenge proved too difficult. (Told you he never loses).

Regardless, that panda head was coming out with us. And, boy, did it make an impression! When our crew wasn’t sipping drinks and munching on Bavarian pretzels and bratwurst, we took turns rocking the panda head and acting a fool. Needless to say, we made quite an impression, and a fun time was had by all.

If you have any suggestions on where we should go for our next outing, be sure to let us know in a comment below!