Contextual Suggestions: How Texting Is Going To Make Your Life More Fun

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Texting is about to make your social life even more awesome; but only if you’ve downloaded Fleksy.

You may be familiar with Fleksy as the first third-party keyboard accepted by the iOS platform. Or you may have firsthand experience using the app to step up your GIF-sharing game.

In any case, they’ve recently announced on their company blog that the latest update will start suggesting contextual, supplemental content to their users via mobile deep linking. If you’re texting a friend about the bottomless well of magic that is Beyoncé, Fleksy will recognize the subject matter and suggest related information, like her top song on Spotify or a link to buy tickets to her nearby show. Similarly, Fleksy will now “suggest relevant emojis” based off of your texting habits and the message content, in order to give your text the pictorial punch it was missing.

Fleksy is able to use its keyboard technology to venture into the world of contextual suggestion thanks to its recent pairing with URX, a deep mobile linking company. While Flesky’s ingenious keyboard technology is certainly on the cutting edge, the idea of contextual suggestion is not exactly a new concept. In fact, we’ve been interacting with contextual suggestions, which are informed by our behavior on the Internet, for quite some time now.


Google, for example, predicts and populates suggested searches in real-time as you type your query in the search field. On the search results page, Google often presents blocks of content related to your search query that can provide the information you’re looking for without having to click a link, like a definition or set of facts. That particular Google feature is called “Quick Answers” and, along with suggested search queries, is a type of contextual suggestion.

You also may have observed this attentive feature when using your iPhone, when Siri seems to be two steps ahead of what information you might need to get through your day. Again, she’s able to make these helpful suggestions from the content you’ve been entering in your phone by way of things like emails, contact information, and browser history.

This breakthrough for Fleksy not only paves the way for other apps to consider content-based suggestion features, but also demonstrates just how subtle intuitive technology can, and will, become.

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