Facebook’s Q1 Financial Report Shows Mobile Ads on the Rise

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If you aren’t already convinced the mobile ad business is really gaining traction, the stats from Facebook’s first-quarter financial report will make you a believer.

Facebook, which houses tons of personal data from its billion-plus user base, generated nearly 75% of its entire revenue from mobile ads alone last quarter, which isn’t exactly shocking when you think about the amount of users who access Facebook from their mobile devices. However, when Facebook first went public in 2012, investors were concerned about the company’s future mobile success.

Overall, their first quarter was prosperous, reaching $2.59 billion in mobile ad sales–a hefty portion of their $3.54 billion total Q1 revenue. Although their net income decreased 20%, Facebook’s mobile-only ad sales grew 59%, as did the number of users accessing the service via mobile. Of the users who logged into Facebook monthly (which increased by 13%), those who logged in from a mobile device grew by 24%.

Facebook has a few other apps in the mobile space in addition to its flagship Facebook app, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Instagram has been slowly but surely experimenting with ads, while neither Messenger nor WhatsApp display any advertising (yet).

With Facebook’s mobile ad revenue on the rise, we’re likely to see other mobile apps follow suit, which suggests that the mobile ad boom is only just beginning.
Source: pcworld