Find Your Dream Job in Philadelphia

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In a city ripe with budding tech startups, there’s certainly no shortage of exciting jobs in new media and emerging technologies. Whether you’re looking to jump start your career, climb the corporate ladder, or cut ties from an unfulfilling job, working in Philadelphia can get you where you want to be.

Enjoy the city’s unique atmosphere.

When you work in Philly, there’s no need to eat at a cafeteria or go home on your lunch break. Instead, hoof it to a local cafĂ© or grab a quick bite at a food truck. You might even have time to run a few errands during the day, especially if you’re working in a bustling part of Philadelphia like Center City.

Suburban company outings pale in comparison to the fun work events you’ll have in Philly. Plus, with the city’s eclectic mix of personalities, you’re bound to hit it off with interesting coworkers.

Around here, there’s a ton you can do in a close proximity. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading a book after work in one of the city’s many parks, hitting a nearby gym before heading into the office, or knocking back a few drinks after a successful workday.

Tap into your creative side with collaborative workspaces.

If you know anything about Google’s corporate offices, you’re probably pretty impressed with the way they get their work done. Like the folks at Google, the 50onRed team has stellar morale, thanks to our open office environment, flexible schedules, stocked kitchen, and a slew of fun games. And forget about business attire. We might wear slacks and blazers if the mood strikes, but most times you’ll find us dressed down in whatever’s most comfortable.

Collaborative, open workspaces are popular around here, especially in the more creative fields. Coworking spaces are popping up all over, allowing independent workers and other like-minded professionals to collaborate on new ideas.

Get around without a car.

Unlike other big cities, Philadelphia has a super simple subway system. You can travel citywide on the Broad Street Line or Market Frankford Line (which locals call “the el”). Septa buses can also get you anywhere you want to go, and the PATCO high speedline runs 24/7 from New Jersey to Philadelphia.

We at 50onRed have a great location in Center City, right next to 30th Street Station. Catching a cab, bus, or train doesn’t get any easier than it is here. You can even hop on the Megabus or Bolt bus for out-of-state trips to New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and more.

Breaking into the Philadelphia workforce might seem like a big change, especially for out-of-staters, but with change comes exciting new opportunities. Take a look at the open positions here at 50onRed and apply today. Who knows? The best job you’ll ever have could be just around the corner!