How To Become A Super Affiliate With Traffic Platform

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super affiliare

Now that you have a good foundation from our last post on optimization strategy, it’s time to grow your account to Super Affiliate status. A Super Affiliate is a digital expert who has figured out the affiliate marketing space, has a handful of offers they’re working on, and may or may not focus on one vertical. They have also spent time to grow their account to at least $500 each day per campaign and understand how to harness their data to work for them. In an earlier post, we discussed testing and buying data, and Super Affiliates are always testing. They test new landing pages, new offers and new offer paths.  To be a Super Affiliate, you  should be doing the same until you find something that works, and then start over with something different. Once you have a few strong offers running at $500 per day or more, you’ve made it.

Be friendly with your account management teams

Super Affiliates have a few characteristics in common: They are driven, they are analytical and they are friendly with their account managers. Many times, affiliates disregard their account managers and lose out on knowing about great offers because of it. Be friendly with your account management teams. It may be the difference between making something profitable or not. Account managers at affiliate networks can be flexible with payouts and if you are friendly with them, they might give you an extra dollar or two. This could be the difference in a profitable campaign.

Be a good listener

Your account manager at 50onRed might make suggestions based on what we see working best in Traffic Platform and guide you in the best practices for a specific offer based on our specific users. Use us to help you become the next Super Affiliate.  We like to help affiliates who are interested in our advice.  If you keep taking our advice, we will always continue to help you, whether it is for keyword suggestions, or you need full scale optimization help, we have your back. Your success is our success and we are happy to help you along the way.

Good things come to Super Affiliates

Friendliness can open doors for you to getting in line with the major sources. You may find yourself referred to the direct company. For example, if you love running credit report offers, one of the best companies for you to have friends at is One Technologies. They own about 98% of all credit offers available, which means better payouts for you, and in turn more buying power than the average affiliate.

Play by the rules and build your business

Being a Super Affiliate can make your life easier. To be a Super Affiliate, you need to play by the rules. No one wants to work with someone who is breaking the rules. Nearly every offer has a restriction. Find a way to work within our guidelines. If you don’t, we will find you and suspend your account immediately. Many affiliate networks will not pay you on traffic that was bought by breaking the rules. Run all offers clean, and build your business in two ways:  by getting better payouts from your affiliate network (by being friendly and running big volume), and reap the rewards for referrals. Many networks give a kickback for referrals.  Here at 50onRed, we believe that good advertisers refer more good advertisers and we like to compensate our advertisers for that. We offer a pretty awesome referral program that you can learn more about here. The more you refer, the more you earn.

We hear this all too often, but what does it really mean? I live by the strict belief that you reap what you sow. Work hard and expect that the best is yet to come!  Being an affiliate is not all sunsets and paid in full exotic vacations. Those, you have to work for. Being a Super Affiliate means you know this business better than the other 98% of chumps out there. You know how to make your dollar stretch while taking 30-50% profit margins on each campaign, and put that money right back into your accounts.

If you want to know more about how to reach 30-50% profit margins, set up a call with one of our account managers today or schedule time to meet with us at Ad:tech NYC here.