It’s never all work and no play at 50onRed.

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Our crew is rather motley, with diverse backgrounds and varied interests to match. Despite our differences, everyone fits right in.

Case of the Wednesdays? Not at 50onRed, thanks to our Meat Wednesday Club. Every Wednesday afternoon, our resident chef/Network Analyst, Kyle, cooks up a hearty meal for the office carnivores (His homemade Baconators would’ve driven the late, great Dave Thomas to reconsider his recipe. No question.).


At some offices, conference rooms are strictly business. But around here, they’re used for more than just meetings. If there’s a free room, there’s a good chance we’re hosting spontaneous Magic Card gatherings or breaking out a game of Settlers of Catan.

We’re big on sports too, with a company-wide fantasy football league in full swing. Rumors of a Golf Club (See what we did there?) are also floating around, with talks of a 50onRed tournament in the works.

And, of course, we’d be doing our name an injustice if we didn’t host the occasional poker game. We’ve been known to set up our felt-top poker table, challenging local tech entrepreneurs to throw down in after-hours Texas Hold’em competitions.

You can learn more about what we do at 50onRed on our Careers page.