Let Them Eat Cake! 50onRed Does Mardi Gras

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On Mardi Gras this year, we brought a little New Orleans tradition to our Philly headquarters. Not only did we don fun masquerade masks and put on our party beads, but we completed our festivities by indulging on infamous King Cake.

With the King Cake came a free educational session for those unfamiliar with the tradition: Baked inside the festive cake is a tiny plastic baby (which seems more morbid than it actually is…). Depending on varying traditions, the lucky recipient of the baby has to either provide the King Cake for the next gathering, throw the next party, or is deemed the “King” or “Queen” of the current celebration.

Gathering around the cake, hungry employees channeled their sweet tooth for a taste. One by one, pieces were cut as we sat around waiting to see who would win the prize.

Would it be Ajmail?

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Or would Linda become Queen of the party?


Or maybe, just maybe, Matt would win the baby.


Unfortunately, out of the 3 cakes we ordered, two had babies plopped right on top instead of hidden inside, and one was a baby-less dud. Oh well. Better luck next year!

Check out the highlights from our Mardi Gras celebration below: