Meet the Customer: David Ford of

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David Ford got his start in affiliate marketing more than ten years ago. Since then, he’s been successful across many traffic sources and niches. David has also done consulting for companies, created his own products, and coached thousands of affiliates. In 2009 he started the Aff Playbook forum as a way to offer coaching and interact with other affiliates.

How long have you been using Traffic Platform?

I’ve been running traffic through 50onRed’s Traffic Platform for about three years now.

Which ad solution(s) do you prefer, and why: InText, CPV, or Display?

I’ve mostly worked with InText and CPV. CPV campaigns are my favorite because there are so many creative ways to use them. I like coming up with unique targeting strategies and finding creative angles to test.

What are your favorite Traffic Platform features? 

I love the targeting options. You can get very creative with CPV traffic and the campaign settings.

How long have you been making money online, and how did you get started?

I’ve been making money as an internet marketer for over 12 years now. In the beginning, I was looking for a way to make extra money and supplement the income from my day job. I kind of stumbled upon internet marketing, and within a year I was making more than I was at my regular job. Soon after that, I quit my job and have never looked back.

What advice would you give a Traffic Platform advertiser who’s new to the affiliate marketing space?

Keep in mind, this is a business like any other. You need to invest time and money to grow your business. I see too many people get discouraged when they spend a few hundred dollars and don’t make any money back. Think about what it would cost to open a business like a restaurant – you’d be investing a significant amount of money before you even opened the doors for business, and not even have a guarantee of it working. Internet marketing is the same way. You need to commit to spending money to test and grow your business.

We are very fortunate with internet marketing. I don’t know of any other business you can start with this small of an investment, where the potential to earn big money is very real.

Along the same lines of thought, you should also understand you’re getting an education as you go. Nobody starts off an expert. You have to invest time in developing the skills you need to succeed, and that can take a while. Say you went to college to study engineering. You wouldn’t expect to be making money as an engineer before you got trained, right? Online marketing is no different – you can’t expect to make money until you’ve developed your skills.

That’s my advice to new advertisers. Commit to learning the skills needed and putting in the time to build a real business. Don’t expect it to be easy. You have to be in it for the long haul.

What kinds of offers have brought you the most success on Traffic Platform?

All kinds. I mostly focus on lead generation offers. They seem to be a perfect fit for CPV traffic.

In your opinion, what sets 50onRed’s Traffic Platform apart from other traffic sources?

The user interface is great! So are the targeting options. You guys are always coming out with new features and making the advertising experience better for everyone.

Have you made any mistakes in digital advertising that taught you a lesson? If so, how has the experience changed your strategy for success?

Too many to list! From small things like forgetting to set a daily budget, to bigger things like doing projects that, looking back, were a bad idea. The thing that sets true entrepreneurs apart from other people is that they let go of any fear of failure. In fact, they expect to fail and thrive on it. The mistakes and failures might sting initially, but they know it’s just part of doing business and move onto the next venture.

Do you have any tips, tricks, or techniques for success you’re willing to share?

With CPV traffic, start off with targets that are directly relevant to your offer. I see too many people trying to get creative with an angle, then not knowing what to do when the campaign bombs. If you start off testing an angle, you don’t know if it’s the offer that isn’t converting, or if it’s your angle. Angles can definitely work, but my strategy is to test the offer as quickly as possible to see if it converts first. Once you’ve established the offer converts, you can start scaling and try testing angles.

How do you keep up with the latest in digital marketing? Do you have any go-to resources?

I’m biased of course because it’s my forum, but I rely on Aff Playbook to keep me up-to-date. I have to stay on top of everything so I can share information with my members, but they’re also sharing things they learn, so it’s a great resource for everyone. 

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