New To Traffic Platform: Boost Your CPV Volume In Bulk!

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Last month, we released CPV traffic channels to connect our Traffic Platform advertisers to additional sources of traffic. The resulting boost in volume was a huge success, but our “power users” asked us to take traffic channels a step further by allowing them to manage channels across multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Today, we’re releasing the bulk management functionality you asked for. Now you can update channels and bid percentages, not only within an individual campaign, but across multiple campaigns at once!

Using the “Edit” dropdown on your Campaigns page, you can enable and customize bid multipliers for specific traffic channels across any (or all!) campaigns. That means more volume right at your fingertips, no matter how many campaigns you’re running.

Is there a feature you’d like to see on Traffic Platform? Tell us about it! We always consider feedback from our advertisers when we plan future releases.

If you’ve got an offer you’d like to promote, we can deliver the traffic you need for big profits. Learn more about Traffic Platform, or sign up for a free account.