Ringing in 50onRed’s 7th Birthday

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With great birthdays come presents, parties, and pastries. In true 50onRed fashion, we celebrated our 7th birthday in style.

To honor the special day, we decided to make a little addition to our home by treating ourselves to a brand new pool table. Now when the work day winds down, the clanking sounds of billiard balls fill the office (sometimes accompanied by cheers and groans, if we’re feeling particularly competitive).

No birthday is complete without a rightful celebration. To keep the festivities going, we held a cupcake decorating contest that we’re pretty sure was unlike any other cupcake decorating contest ever. Patterns made from icing, fruits, sprinkles, paper cutouts, and other embellishments adorned the tasty treats, spanning a wide range of creative themes from artistic designs to Ryan Gosling on a toothpick. Congrats to our Senior Designer, Dave Ridilla, for racking up the most votes to win the competition with his cupcake, which he designed to look like our own Network Analyst, Kyle Heckman.

Check out our culinary creations in the photo gallery below.